Looking for Dye Sub Jerseys Dallas? You can get fully customized jerseys online through Xsports. We use the latest technology, have the most vibrant colors, and quick turnaround. Our sports jerseys are made with polyester as it is strong, durable, flexible, and doesn’t hold onto sweat. Sublimation is the technology and we keep many types of fabrics IN-HOUSE. When it comes to sublimation, it is a manufacturing procedure where the entire design of the jersey is directly infused into the fabric. As it can be customized, you can print striping, logos, numbers, and player names as well as select the color as per your exact needs.
Polyester doesn’t absorb liquid dye due to its moisture-wicking abilities. And the sublimation process starts with digital designing- created by our graphic designers. This procedure involves special heat sensitive dyes to print graphics, text, and any image onto special transfer paper, utilizing large format printers. Then the printed design is pressed onto the fabric under high pressure and the dye converts into a gas (sublimates) when heated. This heat leads the polyester to open its pores and grip the colorful gas. When it cools, the dye goes back into a solid and it is now the permanent part of jerseys.

In addition, you should know that it is the dye on top of the fabric that enters and bonds with the fiber of the fabric. Thus, rest assured that your jerseys will not fade, crack or peel. The dye sublimation process includes the materials like polyester, polymer, or polymer-coated item. However the uniforms are mostly polyester fabrics. At the same time, it cannot be done on natural materials, such as 100% cotton.

What are the benefits of Dye Sub Jerseys in Dallas?

Sturdiness- Dye sublimation offers complete durability since the print designs are dyed directly into the fabric. No matter if you want to print logos, lettering, numbers, team names, sponsor logos, or so on, it has got you covered. All these are the permanent part of your custom jerseys. It won’t fade, crack, peel or worsen under normal use.

Lightweight- Your Dye Sub Jerseys in Dallas are lightweight. Also, it doesn’t block the breathability of the fabric with sewn twill. It is soft and comfortable to wear and essentially, you can use it in summer. Inexpensive- When we talk about the pricing range of custom sublimated jerseys, they are completely affordable as compared to screen printing. In addition, it gives you a chance of adding different designs and decorations to your jerseys according to your wish at the same price. Apart from other logos and designs, adding any number style or lettering style is also possible with it. it can be a cost-effective deal for you.
Exclusive designs- The designs option is endless. This sublimated process is however not possible with traditional cut-and-sew garments. Choosing the color as per your team’s colors is possible and a professional supplier can easily handle it. Even if you have unique team colors, they can make it for
you. Rest assured that you will receive exactly what you are seeking with the right color and design combination.

Your jerseys can feature more intricate designs as they are digitally designed. They can have pinstripes, inclines, textures, camouflage patterns, and so on. You can print logos in full color and there is no limitation on logo colors. This is why these jerseys are getting immense popularity that also ensures premium quality and a good value for money.
Great to play in- Undoubtedly, sublimation jerseys are comfortable compared to conventional jerseys. The fabric remains nice and smooth. Especially, if you are a sports person, then you must know how lightweight and comfortable uniforms are great to play in. it can lead to a good performance for your team. 

Moreover, sublimation jerseys are different from screen-printed or embroidered jerseys. And it is the best option to choose that offers various benefits as we discussed above. It is worth investing in it.


Can I have fully customized jerseys?
Yes. You need to discuss with the sales team and let them know the details of what you want. You
can also get the exact design available on the website.
What is the quantity for the order?
It depends on the company. You can contact the sales team for it as well as for pricing & turnaround
What is the online payment process?
Usually, suppliers accept all major types of payment including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal.